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The #1 platform for studios, gyms, spas, and dance schools. Put your backend admin on autopilot and get back to doing what you love most.

Never miss a step in your customer journeys

Momence was built to help you create bespoke experiences for every single one of your customers. We help automate your manual tasks, from taking bookings, to closing new leads, to converting intros into members, to nurturing members who are at risk of cancelling. Do more of what you love with Momence.


All class & appointment scheduling in one place. Create memberships & packs. Embed schedules on your website and utilize high-converting landing pages.


One source of truth for all of your customer communication. Two-way SMS, email, and in-app messaging. Hyper-segment customer lists for efficient outreach and newsletters.


Create automated sequences for customer communication, client interactions, and staff task management. Convert more leads and customers into members.

Point of sale

Simplify your in-person sales with our comprehensive point of sale. Take payments with our contactless card reader and track retail product inventory.

Staff management

Efficiently oversee and control staff access with customizable permission levels, while easily generating and analyzing payroll reports with our user-friendly management tools.


Robust reporting and visualized insights into every part of your business. Stay on top of your KPIs and make informed business decisions.

On-demand content

Build and manage your own comprehensive videos and courses library.

Truly all-in-one

Momence is versatile yet unique to your type of business: one software that consolidates multiple softwares into an easy-to-use platform.


Discover how Momence can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and help you save time, consolidate multiple softwares into one platform, and work for you as you grow your business.

Class & Appointment Scheduling

An easy-to-use comprehensive booking platform that helps you take online and in-person bookings with ease. Manage all your class and appointment bookings in one platform. Create & sell memberships and packs, restrict bookings by customer level and type, seamlessly manage your staff and venues, and more.


Streamline your communication by sending two-way SMS, in-app messages, beautiful emails, Instagram and Facebook DMs from one place.


Our sequences functionality allows you to create and automate customer journeys by creating automations that send client communication, create staff tasks, or execute logic in your account. Our sequences tool helps businesses increase their conversion rates and helps you ensure that no client falls through the cracks.

Staff management, Staff roles and Instructor substitutions

If you have multiple staff members, you can create multiple staff roles that grant your staff varying levels of access to your account. Automate instructor substitutions for your classes and track staff clock-ins within Momence.

Newsletters & Outreach

Hyper-segment your customers and create multiple customer lists for targeted outreach with promos and newsletters across all of your communication channels. Track open rates, clickthrough rates, and more.

Smart notifications

Stay on top of all activity that takes place in your business with our smart notifications, keeping you and your staff ready to support every one of your customers.

Gift cards & Discount codes

Create unlimited gift cards (physical and digital) and discount codes. Choose what items your gift cards and discount codes apply to. Let your customers create and schedule custom digital gift cards.

Spot scheduling

You can build custom rooms so your customers can select their spot when booking a class. Customize the look and feel of your spot selection to create a unified and branded customer booking experience.


Offer any format of memberships you'd like with our robust Memberships offering: unlimited memberships, usage-limited, free trials, and more. Easily upgrade/downgrade and transfer customers between your memberships.


Providing robust and easy to understand reporting is one of Momence's most important functions. Momence allows you to easily visualize your KPIs and dig deeper into your metrics using our comprehensive set of reports. Track sales on a cash-basis and earned revenue basis, run payroll reports, see intro offer conversion rates, and much more.

Community posts and groups

Create community groups and post content (videos, images, audios, blog posts) directly into your groups. Your group members will be able to like and comment posts, and reply to each other's comments. Foster a community amongst your customers by running challenges and posting updates into their feed.


Track arrivals with any key, barcode, or fob system (we support both manned and un-manned arrival-tracking). See logs of when people enter and exit your facility, and integrate with one of our door-access control providers to maintain control over which of your customers can unlock doors at your venue.

Payments and payment plans

Collect payments online and in-person, including cards and direct debit payment methods. Save payment methods on file and easily set up payment plans to charge customers over several periods for your high-ticket items.


Collect reviews after classes and appointments with push notifications. Automatically push 5-star customers to leave Google reviews for your business. Embed your reviews plugin on your website to showcase real-time 5-star testimonials.

Website plugins

Embed your class schedules, appointment booking forms, lead collection forms, intake forms, 5-star reviews, and more directly on your website with our plug-and-play code snippets. We work with every website provider to integrate every aspect of your business performance directly with your existing website. Don't have a website? Use our auto-generated business pages.

Ready-made integrations

Explore our integrations with our complementary software partners.

Kiosk and self check-in

Allow your customers to check themselves into classes on their own using our customizable self check-in kiosk.

On-demand video library & LMS courses

Build your own on-demand library that you can bundle with your existing memberships, or sell as stand-alone items. Create on-demand LMS courses for teacher trainings and more.

Lead collection and lead management

Collect leads directly from Facebook lead ads, from your website, or in-person at your studio. Track follow-ups, lead stages, and the health of your pipeline.

Mobile app

Using the Momence mobile app to create a mobile-first presence for your business. The Momence app is strictly a booking app, meaning that your customers will only see your business if that is the only business they have visited. Customers cannot search for other businesses on the Momence app. The Momence app is free, though we do offer custom branded app options.

Retail products & Inventory management

Sell retail products and merchandise, both online and in-person in Momence. Create and print barcodes, automatically generate purchase orders, use your existing product scanner, and manage inventory across multiple locations.

Simplify your software

Most businesses on Momence choose us for two main reasons: we're a modern, well-designed platform and we consolidate 3-5 softwares into one. Simplify your business operations by getting started on Momence.

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Momence has everything you need to run and grow your business, from scheduling to marketing to automations to reporting.


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Momence mobile app and branded apps

Your customers expect your business to be mobile-first. Momence lets you have a modern and elegant mobile-first presence out of the box. Your customers can book classes and appointments, manage their bookings and user profile, message you, and more from the mobile app. The Momence app lets you send push notifications and community group messages directly from your dashboard. Optionally, we offer custom branded mobile apps.

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Simple pricing



Pricing plans

Base plan


Great pricing plan for building and growing your business

Up to 5 staff accounts
For you and your team
10 classes or appointments per week
To manage your business

See other features

Custom Plan

Speak with one of our product specialists about how Momence can best help your business.

Unlimited Customer & Staff Accounts
You will never be punished for growing your business.
Unlimited Classes & Appointments
No limits on the size of your schedules.
Landing Pages
Website Plugins
Memberships & Packs
Point of Sale
Marketing Sequences
Retail Products
All-in-one Inbox
Two-Way Texting
On-Demand Video Library
On-Demand LMS
Gift Cards
Review Collection
Staff Payroll
Reporting & Analytics
Confirmation & reminder emails
Lead collection & management
Online & In-Person Payments (see processing fees below)

Marketing Basic

2 Sequences
Only Classes/Appointments triggers
Up to 150 emails
Can be sent at once

Marketing Plus

Unlimited sequences
All triggers
Unlimited emails
Can be send at once

Unlimited two-way texting

Unlimited texting
Dedicated phone number

On-demand library & Courses


Automatic Teacher Substitutions



Pricing plans

Momence Lite


Best if you make less than $500 per month

5% fee per ticket
24/7 support
Marketing suite

Payment processing and service fees apply

Momence Basic


Best if you make between $500 and $4,000 per month

1% fee per ticket
24/7 support
Marketing suite

Payment processing and service fees apply

Momence Custom


Best for individuals with custom needs

Dedicated onboarding
Marketing suite
Custom reports
Point of sale
24/7 support

Payment processing and service fees apply

Payment Processing Fees by Country

U.S. Processing Fees

3.9% + $0.30 for online card payments
3.7% + $0.05 for in-person card payments
1.8% for ACH Payments (direct debit)

U.K. Processing Fees

2.5% + 20p for online card payments
2.4% + 10p for in-person card payments
2% + 20p for BACS (direct debit)

Australia Processing Fees

2.7% + A$0.30 online card payments
2.7% + A$0.10 in-person card payments
2% + A$0.30 for BECS (direct debit)

Canada Processing Fees

3.9% + C$0.30 for online card payments
3.7% + C$0.05 for in-person card payments
2% + C$0.40 for ACH Payments (direct debit)

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